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Career Issues   

Career Issues


The Culture of Workaholism

  • More work, less vacation leaves workers grumpy


    As a workplace coach, Mary Helms has often talked to executives afraid of vacationing for more than a long weekend.

    "Somehow, workers are afraid, if they're not productive 100 percent of the time, their success will disappear," said Helms, based in Rehoboth Beach, Del.

    In the United States, there is no law giving people the right to paid vacation, and an increasing number of people report feeling unable to get away. A May survey of 2,000 adults by the online-travel company found that at least 30 percent of workers will give vacation days back to the company.

    "We seem to have a workaholic culture right now," said Mary Graham, a spokeswoman with the National Mental Health Association. "We're working long days, taking work home and keeping the cell phone on 24/7."

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