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For Family & Friends   

For Family and Friends

Codependence - When someone close to you has a problem

  • From Codependence: Partners & Paradox by Gayle Rosellini,

    Are You Codependent?

    If drinking or drugs are an issue in your relationship, you may be codependent — or fast on your way to becoming one. If you're not sure exactly where you stand, just ask yourself:

  • Do you get defensive if family or friends suggest that your partner has a problem with drugs or drinking?
  • Do you try to control his alcohol or drug consumption?
  • Have you ever lied or made excuses to your partner's employer about tardiness or absences?
  • Do you cover up your partner's chemical use so your children won't know?
  • Have you limited your social activities because of your partner's drinking or drug use?
  • Do you cover up when she is caught in a lie or embarrassing situation related to drugs or drinking?
  • Have you ever offered your partner a "social drink" (or a toke or a hit) when he was on the wagon?
  • Have you minimized the role chemical use plays in family arguments?

If you answered yes to two or more questions, you may have a problem. For your own sake (and your partner's), contact Al-Anon, Codependents Anonymous, or another support group or treatment organization.

Your relationship, health, and peace of mind depend on it.

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