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There is no need to risk your license, livelihood, reputation or family.

 Whatever the problem, you do not have to
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For Women   
For Women

 Understanding Addictions & Dependence

Identifying Addiction by Carol P. Waldhauser
Demystifying 12-Step Programs by Mary Greiner

Codependence - When someone close to you has a problem

  • From Codependence: Partners & Paradox by Gayle Rosellini,

    Are You Codependent?

    If drinking or drugs are an issue in your relationship, you may be codependent — or fast on your way to becoming one. If you're not sure exactly where you stand, just ask yourself:

  • Do you get defensive if family or friends suggest that your partner has a problem with drugs or drinking?
  • Do you try to control his alcohol or drug consumption?
  • Have you ever lied or made excuses to your partner's employer about tardiness or absences?
  • Do you cover up your partner's chemical use so your children won't know?
  • Have you limited your social activities because of your partner's drinking or drug use?
  • Do you cover up when she is caught in a lie or embarrassing situation related to drugs or drinking?
  • Have you ever offered your partner a "social drink" (or a toke or a hit) when he was on the wagon?
  • Have you minimized the role chemical use plays in family arguments?

If you answered yes to two or more questions, you may have a problem. For your own sake (and your partner's), contact Al-Anon, Codependents Anonymous, or another support group or treatment organization.

Your relationship, health, and peace of mind depend on it.

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A Unique Bond: Women Attorneys Supporting Each Other in Recovery

  • NJLAP's Women's Attorney Peer Counselor Group (WAPC),by Denise Golonka, Program Clinician,New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program

In June of 1994, one year after the NJLAP program was founded, the Women's Attorney Peer Counselor Group was created as a specialized program of female attorneys reaching out and helping other women attorneys experiencing difficulties with substance abuse and gambling issues. It evolved into a regular, monthly support group for female attorneys, judges, law students and law graduates in recovery.The members act as peer support for one another and for those in need of a contact with the program.

Assessing Your Risk for Addiction to Pain Medication

  • The following excerpt from Chapter One of "When Painkillers Become Dangerous - What Everyone Needs to Know About OxyContin and Other Prescription Drugs" is by Drew Pinsky, MD © 2004

The risk for triggering addiction and misuse is obviously much greater if you have a previous history of addiction, particularly if that addiction was to opiates. The greatest risk for reactivating addiction is during the first six to twelve months of sobriety. Every effort should be made to avoid any exposure to opiates during this time as it will reawaken all of the distortions, feelings of desperation and cravings of addiction.

The following list of questions can help you to assess your risk for addiction to pain medication, whether you have a history of addiction or not.

A Woman Lawyer's Story of Alcoholism & Recovery

  • Trapped...or so I Thought
I entered law school at the age of 21, graduated at 23 and at 25 had an office overlooking Stanley Park as an associate with a well known downtown law firm. My performance evaluations were excellent. Immediately after being called to the bar, I was fortunate to find myself the junior of a well-known and respected senior lawyer practicing in an area of law of great interest to me. I was provided with an opportunity to work on high-profile cases and was exposed to the type of work and client base that most young lawyers only dream of.

During the course of the year following my call, I was consistently acknowledged for the quality of my work. I was permitted to participate in just about any case that was of interest to me. I was praised for my ability to effectively deal with clients and was directly responsible for a large number of significant files. In addition, I was well liked by my co-workers at the firm and in general. Upon reflection, my career at that time could be described as nothing other than promising. It was, however, a house of cards....

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