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What You Need to Know About Gambling

  • GP|Solo Magazine - October/November 2004 - ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Section Gambling

by Meloney Crawford Chadwick

"... compulsive gamblers frequently lose all sense of money as having real value. It becomes like play money. One counselor reports, “They’ll talk about bets, and simply say, I was down 500, but have to be forced to say the word, dollars."


Romanticized images of gambling pervade our culture. There’s James Bond, engaging in high espionage at the baccarat table, there are celebrities playing high-stakes poker in glamorous tournaments, and a fictionalized version of the operations in a Vegas casino is fodder for a prime-time soap opera. While gambling may be a spectator sport for some and an occasional indulgence for others, what we rarely see is a realistic portrayal of the wrecked lives of compulsive gamblers.

A generation ago, legalized gambling was rare, limitedto the casinos in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, some racetracks, and a few state lotteries. Today, gambling opportunities are as close as the local convenience store or your laptop computer. It’s not even necessary to seek out online gambling sites. Spend some time browsing the Internet, and offers of free cash pop up uninvited on the screen, enticing users to gambling operations based in offshore locations.

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